• How do I get myself started?

      One of the biggest and most commonly asked questions in the industry! There is no wrong or right way of getting started. There are a plethora of casting websites nowadays, many of which, you don't need representation to get the chance to apply for roles. Any decent agent will tell you that headshots and a Showreel are a must to be taken seriously in the industry. This doesn't necessarily have to be costly in the early stages. Most sites will accept self taken photos, or a friend with a decent camera is a great option. In respect of the Showreel, there are many opportunities out there for student films which can be a great, unpaid way to gain experience and get some footage to edit together your own Showreel. A great analogy is that an acting career is like steps up a ladder, the more credits you get the more experience you can show and therefore the more opportunities you can create. Serious actors will inevitably reach a point when an investment needs to be made in professional headshots and a professional Showreel. One of the leading casting sites would be Spotlight, to become a member here you need to be able to provide evidence of at least 3 professional credits and must have agency representation. 

    • If offered representation, do I need professional headshots? How do I obtain them?

      Almost every agent that offers representation to a potential talent will require professional headshots by an experienced photographer. An internet search will bring up a very large amount of professional headshot photographers, it is very advisable to do your research. There are often reviews and compare the prices for the service you are getting. If you are unsure take someone along to the shoot with you.

    • Is there a FEE to join the agency?

      If we offer you representation there is no fee to join. We work on a percentage basis and only earn money from you earning money through securing the jobs we get you auditions for.

    • I’m thinking about altering my appearance. (ie; I may be getting a hair cut. I think I need to get braces.) DO I NEED TO INFORM MY AGENT?

      In general, slight changes to your appearance are fine and at the end of the day, who are we to tell you how to live your life. It is advisable however to inform us if you are thinking of making a drastic change to your appearance. We always try to provide our casting opportunities with a true likeness of the actor therefore it may be that you would need to update your headshots or photographs we hold on your file or those featured in any of your web profiles.